Featured Blog : (#5) The Thinkeress

We have a new featured blogger, at long last!

I was thrilled to finally have another worthy blog to mention. The new featured member blogs at The Thinkeress, a Personal-life blog with many thought-provoking posts!. The blogger is 18 and from Bombay, India. She was kind enough to respond to my questions with these interesting answers:

(1). What is your favourite film of all time?
I can't give a good answer to this question since I don't have a 'favourite' film as such...I watch cinema of any genre and it's difficult judging.But something that comes to my mind right now is Jack...

It's a Robin Williams film which always makes me laugh and cry too...Mrs Doubtfire is another film I love, and films they manage to adapt properly from books...The Help,The Diary of a Wimpy Kid,X Men(because I'm currently having a crush on several actors in it). I always want to give the director a pat on the back after watching these.

(2). What is the most cringe-worthy thing that happened to you this year?
I'm a really self conscious person so cringe-worthy stuff is to me anything that makes me feel embarrassed which is quite a lot(read:spit-flecks flying and such)...but something that really lead to many people laughing at me in public would be The Fall...

Or what I call the incident where I,in a really enthusiastic spell, decided I wanted to learn how to ride a scooter and this happened to be right after a worship meeting( which we have in a school).So I had to practice in the school grounds. I being used to the accelerator being downward,turned the handle upward which was the accelerator for this particular scooter. 

Wheeee...BHAM. I landed in this totally undignified position with my legs waving in the air(not unlike a bug...at least that's how it felt to me)and all the church laughing. I didn't want to look up that day...and I was hurt.And scarred for life.I don't know if I'm ever going to learn how to drive properly again!

(3). Which three places in the world would you go if money was no object?
Hmm...three places I'm not sure..but I could name three types(can't think of any other categorization) of places I want to go.

Perfectly picturesque : With the neat lanes and fields and smiling people and food! French vineyards and English villages and American farms are included here.

Cold and wet and dark and romantic: Somehow I've always thought of rains and cold places as the perfect honeymoon setting(when I'm inside after having had a warm shower and a hot dinner of course).The north-eastern part of India and Bhutan come here(even though Bhutan isn't known for the rains).
And Africa...for being Africa,because I've always loved the idea of living here.

Great answers, I think you'll all agree! Make sure to visit The Thinkeress if you haven't already!


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    1. Gotcha Jayden!
      I've been trying to locate your blog but it turns out you don't have one.Oh well.
      Thanks a lot for the support!:)