Featured Blog : (#7) Life Of Oblivion

Featured blogger #4!

Everyone turn your attention to Adeena from The Life Of Oblivion, a 13-year-old personal-life blogger from Pakistan. Not only does her blog have a cute-sy theme to it, but I'm sure many of you will enjoy her posts. I wrote to Adeena with three questions and she was kind enough to respond:

(1). Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
In 10 years, I see myself studying whatever it is that I'm studying (either history or psychology). I'm not as dark and creepy as I am now. I've accepted my flaws and mistakes, and embraced them happily. I'm not the happiest person ever, but I'm on terms with myself. I'm wearing a hijab. And that's basically it.

(2). Do you have any hilarious or embarrassing anecdotes from the past while?
In Math class today, I was laughing wildly with my friends and then I turned around to see my teacher, who was looking at me like 'STFU, Sherlock,' and I made the weirdest face ever. I had a huge grin on my face even when I turned around and then I saw him, my mouth was hanging open a little. And I was trying to be funny subconsciously. Epic fail, though, it was.

(3). What are your 3 favourite movies in the history of cinema?
Being the hopeless romantic that I am, my favorite movies are Remember Me, A Walk To Remember and Ramona and Beezus. Even though, (SPOILER ALERT) I hate that, in Remember Me, in the end it's about 9/11. It just pisses me off. The whole story went practically down the drain because of that.

I hope you all enjoyed the new featured blogger! Thanks again for participating Adeena!

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