Featured Blogger: (#8) Lost In Wonderland

 Featured blogger #5!

This time, our featured blogger is Youngjoo Ahn, a 16-year-old variety blogger from California. She describes herself as a quirky 16 year old girl who lives to inspire, learn, and grow. I'm sure many of you will enjoy her posts! I contacted Youngjoo with 3 interview questions and she was kind enough to respond:

(1). What is the most valuable piece of advice you ever received as a child?
The most valuable piece of advice I received as a child would be to never give up. My grandmother told me that anything was possible as long as you had a dream. My childhood is characterized as the transition period from one place to a totally different environment.

I was struggling to fit in and the process of discovering myself started with first grade. I had a lot of failures as a child. Elementary school was never easy for a kid with absolutely zero motivation. However, I never gave up even if I wasn't successful. I improved step by step and still am improving, step by step. It encourages me during struggles now to remember the little girl who learned English first by reading books upside down.

(2). What is your favourite song?
 I don\'t have one favorite song. I love the song Everybody Talks by Neon Trees and anything from Adele. Taylor Swift (especially We are Never Ever Getting Back Together) songs are reserved for bad days. Another one of my favorite songs is Missing Piece by David Choi.

(3). If you could travel to any year, past of future, for 3 days, where would you go and what would you do there?

 If I could travel to any year, I would go forward in time and observe either the 23 year old me or the 30 year old me. Dwelling on the past is never good. It\'s best to move on and look forward. I would probably just watch the older me and see what direction my life went in. I am really curious to see what I'll be like in college and if I'll get married. Will I regret anything in the past? I don't know if I'd change my life if I did go to the future and find some aspect I didn't like.

I think about the choices I\'ve made in the past and realize that I don\'t regret them. The little mistakes and blunders are what made me me today. When I was little, I constantly wanted to go back in time and memorize answers so that I could ace a test. Well, that never happened but I did learn how to study and work hard.
I think you'll all agree that those are some very inspiring and meaningful answers - you can read more writings by Youngjoo at Lost In Wonderland!
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