#29: Craft 360

Cool handmade card from Craft 360!
Art/Hobby Blog
Fatimh, 20, Pakistan

 I was very pleased this morning when I realised that we have another new member here at TBC - Fatima Hayat from Craft 360! Craft 360 is the first blog to be registered under our Arts & Hobbies section, so I recommend it to everyone with an interest in cards, craft projects and other DIY!


  1. I made a frame using Fatima's techniques and it came out beautiful! I was so simple and easy. I love it! Everyone should pay her a visit and try out her art. :)
    As for the new theme - I adore it! Never change from this, do you hear?

  2. I'm loving the new theme! It's pretty and, most importantly, blue and purple. ;) Her art looks wonderful, I'm going to view her blog right now!

  3. I really love fatima's blog! its just awesome! would you guys like to pay a visit to my blog? :http://mecraftteen.blogspot.com/