Does your blog have a link badge?

As in, those code-y things that others can copy and paste onto their blogs? If so,  please leave a comment here, because I have re-organized the right-side of this website and have decided to use the extra room to further advertise for members. Also, please consider taking one of our link badges (or, if you are creative, why not design your own?!).

Code for button on the left:
<a href=""><img border="0" src="" /></a>


  1. Hi! I have a link badge I would love to have displayed. It's on my sidebar at this address-
    It will have a little grab code box thingy under it and Grab my button! over it. P.S. to anyone who sees this. I design link badges for free.

  2. I have a badge on my blog, but unfortunately I can not code it with my computer. Yet . . . I'm working on it :) Blog:

    1. Hooray! Now I do have a code! X) Sorry, I guess I changed my mind, haha! Although it might not work (which would be bad). Please tell me if it doesn't, thanks!