Guest Post: The Reason Behind Why Everything Always Works Out In The End

TBC is a community, and for this reason, I've decided to promote some of our talented members by posting some of their articles from time to time. This week's post was written by A Girl Without A Name, who blogs at Sunsets & Sundays. I asked her if I could re-post this as I think it is uplifting and a truly inspirational message for teenagers - so, here it is:

The Reason Behind Why Everything Always Works Out In The End

I'm a worrier. I worry about everything from chemistry tests to prom shoes to things
that aren't happening for another year. As a worrier, the phrase that gets tossed into
my face like a band-aid all too often is "everything will work out in the end," and I can truly say, everything always has.

But I've gotten to thinking about all these things. Is it really that everything always works out in the end, or that in the end we simply learn to accept what happened, therefore it works out? Is it really that everything will be alright or that we make do with happened and naturally make it alright?

For example, the situations you're handed and the cards you're dealt aren't ever always what you'd like them to be. But you make it work. You make do. You make things happen with what you have. In the end, everything works out because you made it work out.

Things don't simply become okay because it's the rule of life and they absolutely have to. Human nature and your own will and actions makes things work out in the end. Your own worrier self who put yourself in this situation will eventually solve it.

And I know this sounds like some self help speech that I'm about to give to a group of recovering addicts, but just thought I'd open my mouth and speak.

But better things to come my friends, better things to come.

Just a little thought for the day. And with that, have a fabulous one.

A Girl Without A Name
Variety blog, USA

I'm a photographer, a poet, and a writer, so you get all those things quite often.


As usual, anyone who wants to submit a guest post may do so, or if you have read an inspirational article which may be a contender for TBC, feel free to recommend it! Thanks again to A Girl Without A Name for writing this inspirational post :)

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