Any Volunteers?

My life has become far too busy to manage TBC alone, so I'm looking for one or more helpful volunteers to take over the task of greeting new members. This would involve visiting every new blog and leaving a friendly, welcoming comment (make sure to mention that you are a representative of TBC to avoid seeming insane!). You would also have to try to persuade them to take a link button, and leave the link:

As well as this, I'm looking for a person or people to visit existing members and convince them to take a link button (this is the main way TBC gets new traffic).

If you would be interested in volunteering (definition: unpaid) for either of these, please leave a comment so I can add you to The Admin section section as an Official Greeter and Featured Bloggers section! Obviously, if you don't do the job you volunteered for, you will be removed from these :/

Have a nice week-end, everyone! :)


  1. I volunteer as Greeter!
    Sorry for the overexcited Hunger Games-like shout out, but I'd love to be part of the team. Since I've graduated high school I suddenly have lots of time left, so I could do it :)

    1. That's great! I think you may be the person who has contributed to TBC the most, what with the Senior Year Diary, promoting, other contributions, and now this! Thanks very much :)

  2. I volunteer! (this sounds like the hunger games xD)

  3. I would love to help out with this as well! :)

    -Riley XO

  4. I'd be totally happy too, but one problem....I'm only going to be 12 in Feb! :P

  5. Hey! I'd love to help out with this, if you need one more extra helping hand! :D

    xoxo Morning