#320: Our Alter Ego

1997, Mauritius

The blog spans from everything that makes up a teenage world to social issues. It's written from the perspective of an Indian Diaspora and is very colourful. It connects with ancient mythology, speaks about the new movies, the food, the "types of people", gender issues, interviews of fellow peers and much more. The foundation though remains positivity: "The places you see and the people you meet have the power to change your perspective about the world. Life is a perpetual process of creation to me and I firmly believe in the fact and illusion that “I.AM.” I am a Bringer of Light. I encourage you to be Light. For your light can do more than illuminate your own path your light can be the light which truly lights the world." Also pictures are often posted under the label of 'Assortment of a Lens'.

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  1. Hello TBC,

    Allow me to put forward my immense gratitude for having accepted my membership. It matters a lot as well as your appreciation. It touches the heart.

    Thank you for reading Our Alter Ego.
    I'll be coming up with an article on TBC soon.
    I really hope Our Alter Ego becomes a member of such a platform that attempts to confluence bloggers across the globe together.

    Best wishes,
    I am.