Senior Year Around The World: Slovenia

A big welcome to the first guest-poster in our Senior Year Around The World Series!


I’m Jerneja, an 18-year-old high school senior from Slovenia (the 3rd largest city, Celje) and I started my blog Sparkly Kid one year ago.

I’ve written about the Slovenian school system before, but I’ll just describe it in a couple of sentences here and then focus on the senior year. Kids first go to Kindergarten (not obligatory), and when they’re 6 years old they go to elementary school, which lasts 9 years and it consists of two levels.

In the first five years students are taught all the subjects by one teacher (Math, Slovene, Science, Geography & Ethics, Art, P.E., Music and English) but in second level there are specific teachers for each subject  (New subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, Civil Education, non-obligatory German/Spanish).

Flash forward to high school: After the ninth year of elementary school there are two different kinds of high school – Grammar schools (that’s where I am – they offer education in all areas) and specific high schools (they teach specified subjects so you can get a job right after graduating – for example for mechanics, hairdressers). They both last 4 years, so from age 16 to 19. You can go to university after graduating from Grammar school (you’re basically nothing after graduation because your qualification isn't specified, even though it’s the toughest school).

So, senior year of Grammar school: The whole year is based on studying for the Matura exam that all senior students must take (and pass) to graduate and it’s also one of two things that count when applying to university.

The whole timetable changes because we only have to do 7 of the subjects that we had to take before - Slovene, English, Math, History, a second foreign language, P.E., Philosophy and two subjects other than Slovene, English and Math to broaden the knowledge (I chose Psychology and Spanish). These five subjects are then taken on the Matura exam.

There are no dances like in the movies, but we have the Matura prom which is different than usual proms because parents attend it and graduates dance in an organized way (we have dance rehearsal for months before prom). The dance is usually in February and students graduate in June.

You can apply to three universities: there’s a hierarchy, so you write them in order of your preference. If you’re not accepted to the first one, the second university will look at your application.
Universities decide who’s accepted based on Matura exam results and general grades from the third and fourth year of high school (students get Matura results in July and start getting acceptance letters soon after that).

And now back to May: In May the seniors gather together and create a couple of tasks for the 3rd year students (they’re usually pretty cruel, like eating a whole onion, or stripping and making a chain of clothes while the teachers watch – our generation actually started a ‘’revolution’’ last year but our headmaster is stupid so he refused to listen to us). It’s a competition between the classes and whoever wins gets an impromptu key of the school and gets to organize the key process next year.

Anyway, I’m going to study journalism so there’s no worries if I’ll get accepted or not (the level is not that high so unless I fail the exams miserably I should get in).

For Creative DIYS, recipes and other interesting articles, visit Jerneja's blog, Sparkly Kid :)


  1. This is really cool :D
    but that ragging thing though about stripping >.<"

    1. I actually respected our headmaster before that because he's really cool and nice and has supported all of my projects, but after that I don't know if I ever talked to him again.
      But I'll only be here for another 4 months and I did everything I could to stop it, so now it's the youger students' turn to do something about it. :)

  2. Wow, it's cool to see the differences in a school system other than the one your used to.

  3. The hierarchy of colleges is so interesting to me! That's so different than the United States. Good luck on the Matura exam!

  4. Thank you for the opportunity! :))

  5. It surprised me that your school system is so much like the Austrian system. Good luck on your Matura ;)
    Those tasks for the 3rd years actually sound fun. Probably because I was always one of those people who hid in the back of the group when it was our turn to perform tasks. And when it was my turn to make up the tasks, I went all out on :P

  6. Please come and see my blog im going to be posting alot more x

  7. Please come and see my blog im going to be posting alot more x