Senior Year Around The World: Ghana

Hi! My name is Norkor and I blog over at Voyageur Africaine! I guess I’m guest posting today for Teenage Blogger Central.

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I graduated from high school *FIST PUMPS* in May 2014, and I’m currently taking a gap year to figure out what I want to do.

A little back story to my education. I’m from Ghana but I’ve been moving around the world from a very young age. I started off with the Ghanaian Education System, but then moved into the British System. In 6th grade, I moved yet again, to the American Education System and I graduated in it.

So yea. My senior year was CRAZY. I wrote a little bit about it here. At my school, all seniors or 12th graders have to take a class called Senior Social Studies. It consisted of taking small courses of Economics, Government and Current Events. We also had to write a 10+ page essay on a topic of your choice (approved by a teacher) and a 25+ minute presentation on aforementioned topic.

We take Economics, Government and Current Events for half of the academic year (August-December) and then are given time to write our essays for the second half of the year. (January-May).

Apart from that, 12th graders have to take all the classes/credits they need to graduate. So basically you look at all the classes you’ve taken since 9th grade (which is the beginning of high school) and figure out how many more you need to graduate. Easy Peasy.

My school also offered Advanced Placement classes and exams. Advanced Placement classes are college-level classes that high schoolers can take to get university credits. So if you take Advanced Placement Psychology and end up going to an American University, you can skip that first introductory class to Psychology because you already took it in high school. It also saves you some money.

Application processes are mostly done through the Common Application Form for most American colleges unless you wish to study outside of the US. It really depends on where you chose to study.

Also, once all our Senior Social Studies essays have been turned in, all the 12th graders and 3 teachers go on Senior Trip to Watamu, on the coast of the Indian Ocean! It’s a week long trip of relaxing, snorkelling, getting ya tan on and other various shenanigans! I have THE BEST memories from my Senior Trip!
Here I am, on Senior Trip!

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From March-ish to May we give our 25+ minute presentations to half of our graduating class, and get scored by 3 teachers! We get scored by how well we talk about our respective topics, creativity and time duration. Once that’s done and we pass (achieve a grade above 60) , high school is basically done. Senioritis kicks in because seriously who cares about Statistics or Calculus when you’ve made it out of high school?

Graduation happens in late May, and then the next day is the last day of school! :D


Adora from Halcyon Bound and I before the graduation ceremony! Best day everrrr :)

As I said above, I’m taking a gap year so I’m not entirely sure as to what I want to do, but once I figure that out I’ll let you know!

You can find me on my blog, instagram and twitter! :D

Thanks so much, F, for having me today!

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  1. Ahhhhhh I'm from Ghana. Excuse my outburst. I was born there and lived there till I was almost three I think. But then I moved to England which is cool but I'd love to go back again.