Blog Designers Wanted!

A week ago, I asked you all if you thought TBC needed to change its design.. And it looks like a Yes (78%)!  I am now looking for people to design:

 - a new banner
 - a new link button
 - a new background (if necessary, it can be just white/black/etc)
 - new sidebar buttons (for example the one that says 'Contact TBC', 'Featured Bloggers', etc)
 - new Contact/FAQ/Link Badges/Register buttons

I will accept entrants until July 30. Then, the TBC readers will vote on which design they want the site to use :)

Here are a few guidelines:

 - please do not use logos, brands, characters, symbols or copyright images in your design
 - avoid religious symbols or designs which may only appeal to one group of people.. TBC is a very diverse community, and I want our look to reflect that!
 - try to make your design gender neutral and simple, something that appeals to all kinds of bloggers
 - please, nothing luminous, moving or distracting! It has to be easy on the eyes.
 - you don't have to be a professional or have experience.. Just do your best!

What's the reward? A warm fuzzy feeling, and a feeling of victory! Well, if you design blogs, winning this competition would get you a lot of publicity as TBC is visited by an average of 200 bloggers per day! The winner's full-size button/ad will be added to our sidebar and s/he will be listed as a Featured Blogger.

Please share this post on Google+, Bloglovin' or whatever other social media you use, and tell anyone who may be interested in submitting a design!

Happy designing, everyone :)


  1. May the best designer win! I can't wait to see the entries!

  2. Good luck to everyone! :)


  3. Where are we supposed to submit our entries? :)

    1. You can submit through the Contact Form or by emailing me at (the address I use for TBC, this account that I'm commenting with is my personal one). Thanks for your interest :)

  4. I will definitely enter! :)
    ~ Sanjana
    P.S. How large would you want the banner?

    1. The current banner is 960 px wide, so something close to that would be good. Looking forward to seeing your entry! :)

  5. great i'll be joining as well (: