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Greetings, Teenage Bloggers of the World! It's the end of a year and the start of another. We, at Teenage Blogger Central, wish all of you a very happy new year! It's the time for writing resolutions, goals and generally planning ahead for the next 12 months. Some of us want to read more books, others want to write more books. No matter what your goals are, sharing them is a great way to keep yourself motivated!

Teenage Blogger Central has also decided on a goal: we're going to take a much more active role in the blogging community. After several weeks of discussing and brainstorming, your favorite blogger directory is coming out with a special program for the entire year! Are you excited? We sure are! Here's what we have planned for you!

Bringing Back the Spotlight: Featured Blogger of the Month

We're back with better interviews of our wonderful blogging community. With a variety of questions, we hope to help fellow bloggers connect with their own kind. Tune in every month to check out the featured blogger- and make sure to comment/tweet/like/share your support for your blogger buddies!

Would you like to be featured on Teenage Blogger Central? Get in touch with Envy Fisher: envysblog@gmail.com

Unleashing the Talent in You: TBC Newsletter: For Bloggers, By Bloggers

A newsletter designed to showcase the variety of talent in our community, TBC will be publishing submissions every month! But wait- there's one catch. Each month has it's own theme! You can find the calendar for the newsletters of 2016 up on the blog soon and submit your pieces accordingly. The following are submission guidelines:

  • Submissions can be in the form of poems, musings, photography, art and short stories.
  • Written submissions should ideally be between 100-500 words. There can be exceptions to this rule.
  • A single blogger can submit up to two (2) entries per relevant theme.
  • Entries for all themes are accepted throughout the year until their specific deadlines.
  • The deadline for specific themes will be the 20th of the relevant month; after which late entries will not be published.
  • Entries can be previously published posts as long as they are original pieces, belonging to the blogger submitting them.
Here is the theme for January!

Have you found the perfect submission for this upcoming newsletter? Contact Catalina Blue: themowolverinewrites@gmail.com and submissions for this theme will be accepted until the 20th of January.

Teenage Blogger Brigade: Only You Can Help Spread the Awesomeness

Having launched these long term projects, TBC is also looking for bloggers who would be willing to help out! We specifically need:
  • Graphic designers to help make relevant images for posts, buttons, etc.
  • Eager reporters to help collect material for the newsletters or carry out interviews.
  • Social busybees to boost these posts and help expand our audience and most of all
  • Dedicated followers to read, comment and send in support for Teenage Blogger Central!
Reach out to any of the following: The Fence of Stars, Envy Fisher or Catalina Blue if any of these jobs suit you!

Remember, we want TBC to become a busy hub for bloggers (that's me and you!) to reach out to other bloggers and help expand our community, and as a result, our horizons! We look forward to seeing your support this year!


  1. Wow. Exciting plans you got there. I could be a graphic designer for this blog. Cheers to 2016! <3

  2. This is so cool! Definitely exited!