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What's on this month's TBC Newsletter:
Painting and Poetry by Vivian
5 Places on my Travel List by Kathie K 
Why I No Longer WanderLust by Kanra Khan 
Hello everyone! Welcome to the first TBC Newsletter! I'm so excited to present all of these entries to everyone! We're really glad bloggers chipped in with their blog-posts and fresh pieces related to the theme of wanderlust. Wanderlust is something that most bloggers relate to, a lot of us desire to travel around the world and blog about all the wondrous things you can find. Here's your niche to talk about the desire to travel! Happy reading and we look forward to seeing your entries in the upcoming TBC Reader issue: #HASHTAGOVERLOAD!

the pull of the globe calls you
the unseen places
the unmet people
untasted foods
lusting after the experience of not being totally safe
a little out of comfort zones and carefully drawn circles
surrounded by new people
new breath
you wander through the forests
the eye openers
the oceans
you wonder what is the meaning behind so many license plates
the words they spell
for you know they do indeed spell stories

you can only feel totally vulnerable in that wonderful way
when there's nothing to protect you
you immerse yourself in the other
the other than comfort
and that's where you find your space
wandering is much like art-
it should disturb the comfortable and comfort the disturbed
you choose

coffee and hot chocolate from different sides of the globe, or perhaps different sides of town stains your notebooks
where you chart your carefully unplanned travels
with a graphite pencil and a watercolor paint brush
leaves and pebbles and shells
stuffed in pockets
glued to pages
you leave something behind in return
a thought
a movement
a promise
a whisper to the cold air surrounding you

trees and campfires are home to the wanderer
they don't judge by location or comfort
the entire earth is worth every second
the busy streets and cheerful hubbub of cozy cafes and different languages cover you like a blanket
understanding is another luxury
that you don't need
you can revel in curiosity
and unanswered questions
this beautiful planet is your true home
and you love her
for she cares for you
teaches you
and she beckons you to the unheard of places
the dangerous
the complex
and mysterious
step on the ledge
she whispers
live it like you mean it

you whisper back
I am afraid
she replies
do not be afraid, for as long as there is sun in your hair and flowers at your feet
you are safe
for if the sparrows are given what they need,
then you will surely be given yours as well
by the one who made you
who made me
who made this
be pleased that you can walk his earth
you are blessed
so don't ignore it

the planet dreams
and you breath with it
up and down
a single, solitary, relaxed motion
for even the earth must sleep

a backpack carries
your postage stamps and watercolors
only what you must have to live can wander
you are given the gift of lightness
and freedom from want
the creeping, vicious woman want is
is forced to disappear when you decide to ignore her

your hiking boots
or sandals
or maybe bare feet
touch places
that in turn touch you
an impression forever engraved in your chest
for all the notebooks in the world can't record the moment like your mind can
the stamp of where you've been
your hand is an empty passport
so go
fill it up
be free and wander
give in to the whim
the will
the why
give in to curiosity
push fears away
roam the earth as she was made to be roamed
walk the road less traveled with your sand-dusted heels
sing a song unsung with a dry tongue and smiling lips
tell new tales with a worn out ink pen and an only slightly crumpled notebook

be free
get lost


Vivian is an aspiring artist, poet and writer, blogging away at her beautiful corner of the community. Would you be surprised that her interests extend to athletics, gardening and the ever popular mental exercise known as reading? Check her out at Day-Dreamer, Night-Thinker!

I have mentioned this from time to time that I would love to travel the world someday. By world I mean see every place there is possible. Even if that isn't possible during this lifetime I hope that I could cover the majority of places around the world. Listing out 5 places is extremely difficult but here are the ones on the top of the list!


Bali is an island and province of Indonesia. Ever since I've watched Eat. Pray. Love I have fallen in love with this place. As soon as someone says Bali it just gives me this sort of calm and peace feeling. I would love to go here someday to get away from all the chaos. It'll also help in getting myself some 'me time'. I can't wait to be here one day and explore this beautiful place.


Alaska is a Pacific state located in the North American Continent. The name Alaska intrigues me really much so you could understand why I want to travel here. I hope to find this place as intriguing. I'd love to be able to visit this beautiful state.


Norway is one of the Scandinavian countries. I have wanted to visit this place ever since I was made a delegate for this country in our School's MUN (Model United Nations). I researched so much about this country and I was fascinated by it. This list isn't in any particular order but this is definitely the first place I'd love to go to! Besides that, this country is one of my top priorities to go and study for my masters. Hopefully I will be able to.


Jerusalem is a city located in Israel. My geography teacher spoke about her experience of travelling to this place one day in class. She asked us to visit this place if we could. She spoke so beautifully and so highly of it. Ever since, this has also been on the list of places to be visited.


You might be wondering why I included the country I stay in on the list of places I'd like to travel. We often get so engrossed in wanting to travel to so many other places around the world that we can sometimes forget the place we stay in itself. There are so many places within India and also within the state where I stay that I have not seen. Before I  travel the world I would love to know about the places, cultures and different traditions of this country itself. I know the places in theory like I know all the others but I want to go to each one of them and gather more knowledge.

These were my top 5! I plan on going to many more places and countries to know the different cultures, traditions and values. It will be an amazing experience to just travel and also a great way to get to know more and increase your knowledge.

Where do you all want to travel?

Kathie K is a student in India, studying business administration while she blogs. One of TBC's artistic bloggers, she also has a taste for crime and mystery novels, especially when accompanied by tea. You can find her other works at A Sea Change!

While I do have some sort of desire that could roughly be translated to wanderlust, there is one thing that always stops me from seriously thinking about planning worldwide trips- or even domestic trips. Can you guess what it could possibly be that deters me from doing the dream that plagues teenagers everywhere?

That's right. Bathrooms.

If you asked me, I'd say that bathrooms are one of the fundamental pillars to the concept of comfort. While you probably spend less than 5% of your entire life in the bathroom, there is no doubt that a good 50% of your life depends on it. How cranky would you be if your bathroom's shower didn't work properly or there was no hot water in the tap and you couldn't take a bath? Wouldn't the rest of your day end up being absolutely awful? And what if you had to share the bathroom and the bathroom turned out to be a perpetual whirlpool of unhygienic bacterial growths made apparent by a gut twisting stench of rotting death?

The point is, one of the biggest worries for me when it comes to travelling is that I would have no idea about the state of bathroom. Of course, this train of thought did not simply develop by itself... It all started when I was a little girl and my aunt came to visit us in sunny Florida and decided to take the little Kanra with her to the magical place called Disney World (or Disney Land. Whichever it is. I'm not sure and I don't think I really care). Now Disney World is in Orlando, Florida and that was about a 2 hour drive from my place. So we left early in the morning to return that night.

Now obviously when you spend a whole day out, there's bound to be bathroom breaks. So imagine this, oh I don't know, a seven year old? Yeah, a seven year old girl, away from home and her parents and going to the bathroom to find something she had never seen in her life before. Automatic self flush toilets. Can I even convey to you the horror she was feeling right there and then? Already this little girl finds flushing toilets really loud and now there's a toilet that will flush itself whenever it wants to and you pretty much don't have a say in it. And yes, you don't have a say in it when you're a small seven year old.

I have no idea what I had done back then, but it's instilled a subconscious fear of automatic toilets, something that you will now find at practically any major international airport. I even found them at a masjid in Houston, Texas, but I didn't dare use it >.> yes I am afraid of things I cannot control.

Moving on- to a several years later. My father announced that we would go road-tripping to Chitral, a region in Northern Pakistan that is turned remote in the winters thanks to excessive snow. The first thing I had said was "Will there be decent bathrooms there?" and he said "Of course!". So I had happily packed my things and thought that this would be a great road trip- lots of scenery and interesting culture to see.

And to be honest, I got quite more than I bargained for when it came to scenery and things to do, but that's not the important thing right now. The important thing is the bathrooms. There were no decent bathrooms. Anywhere. Okay, maybe at one place.

On this one trip, I'd been forced to figure out how to use the floor toilets and had to use a stall built on the side of the road, over a sharp drop down to a roaring river, waves visible through the boards you stood on. I'd had to use a bathroom in a magnificent house and found my hopes crushed on being faced with the floor toilet again. I'd trudged in wearily to a PTDC hotel to finally find a seat toilet- only to realize the shower wasn't working properly. (Also there was a lot of great food to eat and that was an entirely separate issue that I can't even begin to discuss now).

So as you can see, if I really must travel of my own will, I want a properly arranged bathroom. Call me what you may, but I think that to enjoy yourself and the place you visit, you must at first be comfortable yourself. And I can never be comfortable if there are automatic flush toilets with no warnings, floor toilets or broken toilets. Never.

Kanra Khan is an aspiring med student in her second year of her undergrad degree. While not glued to her books, she is often found blogging, binge watching seasons or YouTube videos, occasionally doodling, often texting and tweeting or even found gaming on DOTA 2. One of the admins for TBC, she can be found here.


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