Announcement: Feb Newsletter

Hello Bloggers of the World! Here's the reminder for submissions to the second TBC Reader Issue!

In case you've forgotten, or don't know about TBC Reader, you can check out the first issue here and read the information below.
A newsletter designed to showcase the variety of talent in our community, TBC will be publishing submissions every month! But wait- there's one catch. Each month has it's own theme! You can find the calendar for the newsletters of 2016 up on the blog soon and submit your pieces accordingly. The following are submission guidelines:
  • Submissions can be in the form of poems, musings, photography, art and short stories.
  • Written submissions should ideally be between 100-500 words. There can be exceptions to this rule.
  • A single blogger can submit up to two (2) entries per relevant theme.
  • Entries for all themes are accepted throughout the year until their specific deadlines.
  • The deadline for specific themes will be the 20th of the relevant month; after which late entries will not be published.
  • There is no limit on submissions to TBC; if you have had your piece published in a previous newsletter, there is no reason why you can't submit another piece! 
  • Entries can be previously published posts as long as they are original pieces, belonging to the blogger submitting them.
Here is the theme for February!

This theme basically involves social media and everything related to it. Is there a recent blog-post you've written about social media? A short poem? Would you like to share a humorous rant? Reminisce about the days before the existence of the Internet? Here's your chance to get published on the TBC Reader! Email your entries to!

Have a nice day!

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