TBC Reader: February 2016

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How I chose Broadcast Communication as my Major by Shauna Lacson

The Pros And Cons of Social Media by Aya Mahmoud

5 Things I Learned Losing My Phone by Kate

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Back to the topic- one reason I chose this theme was because of the fact that most of the bloggers of this generation remember the time when being on the internet was all about playing Neopets or having Yahoo messenger or AOL to chat with people, or Orkut to design your own profile. How many of you guys are part of the Marapets/Club Penguin fandoms? There we go- that's you right there! Can you imagine anyone playing those games now that we have iPads and social media like Youtube and Facebook? The internet has brought about a mass revolution when it comes to teenagers and bloggers like us and this is a topic that we might never get tired of- reminiscing the good old days, discussing the latest hashtag trends, the list just never ends! Here are some of the articles your fellow bloggers wrote!


For a long period of time, I have been keeping to myself the story behind the course I picked when I was going through the phase of getting into my University today. I may have told this to some of the people I made friends with and I hope they won’t think of me as absurd as before (hah). College is the next big thing they said and it was. When I first stepped in to college my mind was freaking out because I was culture shocked. I was alone wandering around the campus not knowing where to go or who to talk to. In short I looked like shit. Remember your first day in kindergarten where you don’t want to be left alone by your mom, then she starts forcing you to go inside the classroom so you start crying? It somehow felt like that all over again in my first day in college. I know I’m already in college and I should be gutsy, but you can’t blame a girl like me who’s timid. FYI, I started commuting in my second day in college and I didn’t even get scared. Enough about that and let’s talk about the real reason I’m updating my blog after my hiatus in writing.

It was a cold day in January where I had to prepare for my college entrance exam. I almost got late thanks to the traffic, but also thanks to my sporty side I ran up to the fourth floor just in time when the proctor is distributing the questionnaires. After the exam, it never came to my mind that I will pass or get in because of the fact that 1.) I found the exam hard especially the general information and 2.) There are A LOT of examinees, it wasn’t even just a hundred. A couple of weeks passed I graduated and I found out after our trip to Puerto Galera  that I passed the exam (whoopee) but unfortunately my score didn’t pass the three courses I chose (oh please let the ground eat me alive right now). In my University your score in your entrance test will tell you what course you can take and what you can’t take. So the score is kind of a requirement in a specific major. Yup, I was disappointed… When I looked through the courses I can take in my university’s web page I was shocked to see that I can only take three-year courses because of my score. I was about to cry when my mom gave me my registration papers and I saw the courses revised test score requirements. I don’t know what got into me. A three-year course is just different in so many ways from a four-year course. Yadda… yadda… yadda I found out that my test score is suitable for the course of Mass Communication so without having second thoughts I went for it.

April came and it was time to pass our requirements. That day when I passed my requirements I swear I was feeling exhausted; not even close to fatigue. The hot weather and the endless lines made my day even worse. This is where the absurd story really began. I was on my way to the library where the interview is being held for the students who chose to take the course of Mass Communication. In that course you will choose whether Broadcasting Communication, Journalism, Communication Research or Advertising and Public Relations will be your major. Of course my super audacious self (ehem sarcasm) sat at the back. Half an hour already passed and I was still sitting there thinking of what major I should take. I was really planning on picking communication research and my mom did too so I said okay. A man came outside of the waiting area and he said “Okay to the people who are in the line for the communication research please stand up and come with me” so I stood up and followed him. We were not really that many; I think we were only just seven who followed him. The man told us to wait for us to be called and so we did. After a few minutes a different man approached us and asked “There’s an opening for the broadcast communication major, who likes to get the interview?” and out of nowhere I FREAKING RAISED MY HAND AND FOLLOWED HIM. Do you find me insane now? I didn’t know what was going through my head that I decided to raise my hand. Maybe it’s because of I have been in and out of rooms all day passing out requirements forgetting I needed to eat, but then I chose not to because I badly wanted to finish everything that day. Guess what, I didn’t. After my interview I went straight to the line for the cashier so I can pay my tuition fee for the first semester only to find out that the line was so long I had to walk up to the sixth floor. I decided to just go back early the next day and when I did God blessed me that day… viola I was the first in line. If you’re going to ask what happened in my interview my answer is it was nerve-wracking, awkward, and the interviewer was hard to please.

I wasn’t really disappointed that I magically chose broadcasting communication (considering it’s not my profession) as my major because as of now I’m gaining a lot of knowledge about my strengths and weaknesses in performing. Never have I ever imagined myself getting in this situation where I enjoy the activities we do in our performance classes. Maybe this is the right path for me.What worries me the most is the thought of, what if the day I want to give up finally came?

Shauna is lifestyle and travel blogger from the Philippines. An avid fan of boy bands and music in general, Shauna blogs here at Shauna Living Life.

The Pros and Cons of Social Media

SOCIAL MEDIA now has become a very important thing in our day.  For me I open more than one social media per a day, and I think this is for all people not just me. Social media is a very great invention that lets us communicate to people easily. Now like everything social media has its pros and cons, and today I want to discuss that with you.

I am going to begin with the advantages. As I said earlier social media helps us a lot in communicating with people. In the past if one of the family members travelled abroad, it was very difficult for him or her to communicate with their family. Now of course there are things like phone calls and letters, but they aren’t as effective. I mean what if you want to video chat? The internet itself is a great invention maybe we can't feel this today because it’s available for us, but ask your parents or your grandparents they will tell you that at the past people used to go to large libraries to search for anything related to school or just general knowledge for daily life. Now the information is in your hand while you are at home, and it’s just by one click away. Another benefit is the fact social media allows you to meet people from other countries and see places you otherwise wouldn’t see in your daily life.

Now that we talked about some advantages of social media, let’s talk about the disadvantages. The first reason being that social media is the main reason we lose track of time and procrastinate. They are also things like hacking and identity theft that occurs often. There are people who do nothing but scam people out of their money, and as a teen we fall victim to these types of people.  I’m asking everyone to be really careful of people online since it’s so easy to impersonate someone nowadays. If some is asking for private information don’t feel scared of blocking them. Also don’t put personal information like address or phone number online. There are plenty of social media sites that don’t require you to put in your phone number, so look for them. I recommend kik which is chatting app that doesn’t require your phone number, so instead of giving your online friend your Skype or whatsapp give them your kik. It’s much safer.  Also be aware of cyber bullying. If someone is bullying you, don’t feel scared to report them. There are way too many people who fall victim to these bullies especially us teens. Finally, I would like to say stay away from bad sites. It’s never worth it. If you know a website says 18+ follow that rule and don’t try to use it. It’s just not worth it.

Also talk to your parents about harassment you might encounter online and also report someone if you see them bullying others.

I think I covered most of the major stuffs when it comes to social media. If you have any other pros and cons, please comment them down below. Also support cyber bullied victims by tweeting out #stopbullying.
Aya Mahmoud is one of the authors over at The Talk With Moi. Being from Egypt, Aya enjoys reading and drawing and aspires to travel to different countries around the world. You can find out more about her here.

Being asked with the question "What is the most important material thing  you can't live without?" or "You can't leave your house with what object?", Most of us will answer without hesitation our are smartphones or our phones. Two months ago If I were to asked that question, I would instantly answer that because It was like my phone was attached to me, It was like my world revolved around it. But two dark months ago my phone was snatched from me and It was like a whole part of my life was gone. It wasn't easy at first but as a few weeks passed it wasn't so bad after all,It wasn't the end of the world.I have realized and learned some things losing my phone and I wanted to share it to you guys.

1. There's more to life than social media.
Our generation today revolves around the world of social media, Sharing our feelings and thoughts to the world via twitter or Facebook, posting where we are,what we ate, or what we wore for that day on Instagram. Well that isn't so bad at all because social media connects people and it brings out the art of what people can do but there's more to life than that. You can go on dates, Go to a museum, Ride a bike, Exercise. There's a lot you can do, don't let your self get hung up on social media(but that isn't a bad thing too.).

2. Real life conversations > Texting.
As the title says it all, Real life conversations are so much greater than texting. Having coffee with a person, talking about endless things or heart felt conversations are better in real life because you get to see the emotions in their eyes, you can see their sincerity, their honesty. while in texting it sometimes lead into miscommunication and misinterpretation.

3. Appreciate things more.
When we use our phones we tend to forget the things around us, we get so busy texting or just being in social media that we forget to appreciate the things around us. When I lost my phone I got to appreciate the people, stuff and just the environment around me.

4. Live in the moment.
Being with a person who makes you forget to use your phone are the best kind of people and just makes you live in the moment. It's very similar when you don't have a phone, Just taking in and experiencing the moment at the time is not that bad. These moments are the stories you want to tell your grand children to when your old, the glory days you and your friends did.

5. Some moments don't always need to be captured.
Not all moments need to captured. There are some memories that you want to keep to yourself or among your friends. Memories that cannot be captured are the memories worth reminiscing for.

Kate is an 18 year old girl who loves movies and novels with lots of plot twists. She has a huge obsession with bands (mostly with one direction) and can never make up her mind. You can find her blogging here at KATE, WITH LOVE.
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