(1). What are the Terms & Conditions?

•Blogs must be non-pornographic, non-graphic, scam-free, within-the-law and must not encourage hatred, racism, violence or other anti-social behavior. Anyone who uses the site for bullying will be removed. Photo-albums, social network pages or tumblr are not permitted -  unless they are the proper "blog" format. If your blog has no posts, I can't add it to our listings (as I have no idea if it is appropriate).

(2). Does everyone who registers get accepted?

Yep, provided you meet the Terms & Conditions

(3). Why no one over 20?
When scaling through the Blogger forums, I noticed one trend amongst teenagers: We want to follow people our own age, with whom we share interests, lives, hobbies, opinions, etc. Whilst many teenagers enjoy reading blogs by adults too, teenagers are a unique and niche group of people with separate lifestyles from everyone else, and may find it easier to relate to other teenagers.

(4). I want to swap buttons/promote myself on your site. How do I do this?

If you're a member of TBC, just take one of our buttons, inform me, and I will add your button to the right sidebar. If you are not eligible to become a member, I may consider promoting you provided TBC receives equal promotion or payment.

(5). How did this site come about?

I started this site in October 2012, when I was 15 years old and looking for blogs by people my age to read. Luckily, I found a lot of them!

(6). When will my blog appear on TBC?

I usually post new blogs on Thursday or Friday, or earlier, if I have free time! TBC is managed by only 1 person and I am often busy, so unfortunately there is a waiting period.

(7). I registered weeks ago - why has my blog not appeared on TBC?

Well, the most common reasons are:
 - you gave your e-mail address instead of your blog address when signing up (this happens at least once a week!)
 - there are no posts on your blog (a welcome/introduction post does NOT count!)
 - you do not have a TBC link button or did not write a promotional post (you agreed to do this when signing up!)

If you have any more questions, please contact me :)

You may also want to consult our Advertising/Promotions Policy.