Blogger of the Month: Madeline from a chic bookworm!

Are you guys ready for our next Blogger of the Month? January saw us feature Noor from Noor's Place, but now it's time to introduce our favorite blogger for February: Madeline from a chic bookworm!

As you can probably guess, Madeline is a book blogger, but not just any book blogger. This girl understands the Instagrammable art of flatlays. Her bookstagram is goals and her reviews are just as good as the pics that accompany them.
If reviews aren't your thing, a chic bookworm is still the blog for you. Madeline's other book themed posts are so original and will make you smile. We'd especially recommend her post '6 Fictional Names I Can't Pronounce And Never Will Be Able To'. She also writes more lifestyle, like her Morning Musings series, and posts on photography. Ready to get to know Madeline? Here's your chance!

1) What is your favorite junk food?
My favorite junk food would definitely have to be ice cream! Dark chocolate and coffee are my two very favorite flavors!

2) Which three places in the world would you go to if money wasn't a problem?
Hmm... the place that is on the top of  my list would be visiting South Korea. it's where my family is from, and I would love to meet my relatives. Not to mention that Korean food is so. delicious. As for the other two, maybe Paris and New Zealand? Paris has such amazing art museums and history, which I would love to explore, and I think that visiting would also help my French language skills! New Zealand sounds so beautiful and a place that would be awesome to explore with my whole family!

3) Which quote never fails to inspire you?
"Working hard becomes a habit, a serious kind of fun. You get self-satisfaction from pushing yourself to the limit, knowing that all the effort is going to pay off." - Mary Lou Retton Hard work is definitely one of the things in my life that is most important to me. Whether it's doing well in school, running, or even blogging, I believe that everything requires at least a sort of hard work for you to succeed. At this point in my life, I think that I have figured out how to have fun with hard work, and, just like the quote says, know that it's going to pay off someday. This quote really inspires me when I am feeling less sure that all the work I am doing is going to pay off.

Want to get in touch with Madeline, have a look at her blog or obsess over her Instagram? Just click on the links below and give our Blogger of the Month some love!

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