Blogger of the Month: Róisín from Totally Ró!

Last month we put Madeline from a chic bookworm in the spotlight as February's Blogger of the Month, but February is long gone. In March TBC went on to interview one of our most musical members (seriously, go check out her covers on YouTube) ever: Róisín from Totally Ró!

Now I could introduce her to you, but she does a way better job at this thing than I do, so take it away Ró!

Hi, I'm Róisín (pronounced Row-ShIan) but most of the Internet call me Ró. I am a 17, nearly 18 year old Irish blogger from Totally Ró. I am dyslexic which is slightly ironic since I am a Blogger also! I write about lifestyle and beauty with the occasional travel post, books or what I have been up to.

1) What is your perfect pizza?
A perfect pizza is a pizza without pineapple on it. I am sorry to all you fruit on pizza lovers but I personally think it tastes funky. I think a hybrid pizza of pepperoni and BBQ. It has the best of both worlds and also BBQ sauce.

2) What's your favorite film of all time?
Surprisingly it hasn't been a movie that I watched since I was three years old but one I watched last year. Back to the Future is just an amazing film and if you haven't watched it, I would highly recommend it. I love the creativity behind the story, the set, costumes and the special effects. For a movie made in 1985, the effects are AMAZING and it brings you into the world of Marty McFly and his adventures.

3) Where do you see yourself in ten years?
In ten years time I will be 28, that's even weird to say. I hope to be working somewhere that I enjoy after travelling. I want to knock a few things off my bucket list, like trying out stand up comedy. I hope to still be acting and singing even if it's not professional. I don't think I'll be married or have any kids but maybe have a boyfriend and a dog to spoil rotten and possibly leaving outside of Ireland, maybe the US or UK. To be honest, I don't know will I be blogging in 10 years time unless I had The Delorean to do some time travelling. I would like to be blogging then but situations might change.

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